HE On The Go Intense Pocket Perfume 18ML

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In life, there are two ways to do things

- The Boring way and the Interesting way.

You can just watch sports on TV or go play polo with a remote tribe in the Himalayas. HE believes that only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the Impossible. As you have only one life to live. You need to take your chances. And never wait. Because, HE believes that it's better to regret the thing that you did do, than regret the things that you didn't. HE is for those people who want to make things happen.

Not let them happen. HE believes that life is about living your dream and wearing your passion. It's about you. HE knows life is too short to be boring. He believes in being interesting. HE knows that it's not about superhuman strength or magical powers. It's not about attracting thousands of women. HE knows you are too smart to think that.. HE is about giving you a feeling of invincibility,.

A sense that you are in control of your life.. That anything & everything is Possible.. HE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE HE IS NEVER BORING HE IS NEVER DULL HE IS INTERESTING HE IS YOU!

Be energetic. Be Strong. Be Intense. HE Intense gives you a long lasting and a powerful fragrance. Filled with citrus, aromatic, warm, spicy and woody notes for today's active men. Feel fresh. Feel alive.

HE intense is an energetic, strong, fresh, vibrant fragrance for today’s, active man. Infused with citrus, aromatic, warm spicy and woody notes,

HE intense is a powerful, long lasting fragrance that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Features: Long lasting Fragrance

-Expect a fragrance that lasts your whole working day and more.

Long-lasting, intense smell that carries you through the day.

Gives you protection from odour causing bacteria

-It prevents odour-causing bacteria from forming on your skin which in turn makes you smell greater, longer. Contains no Gas

-All perfume and zero gas make this deo a perfect value-for-money product.

Use it for days without thinking about wastage.

Hold the can 15 cms away from the body and point it directly towards the armpit to keep it from spreading to mouth and face. Spray your underarm evenly for 4-5 seconds. Repeat the step on the other armpit as well. Re-apply during the day whenever required for lasting freshness.

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